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Design Your Own


Custom Design

Custom design is the cornerstone of our business – our specialty. Imagine your heirloom ring transformed into a new and exciting custom ring. Create a unique setting for an inherited gem, or design a stunning new piece with stones from our collection. You'll be surprised how simple it is, and amazed at the results.


Our resident custom designer, Jay Bowen, is trained both as a jewelry designer and master goldsmith. Jay was born and raised in the Skagit Valley and attended Western Washington University, The Institute of American Indian Arts & The Rhode Island School of Design. Jay started making jewelry in 1972 and is nationally known and respected in his trade and by his customers. Jay is able to create either an exclusively custom design or take a rough idea provided by customer and translate it into a work of wearable fine art, all while making it an exciting and memorable experience!



Our Experience

At Charles Fine Jewelry we take pride in helping our customers communicate their ideas and bring them to life. Our staff is accomplished at evoking the creative spirit and comfortably guiding our customer's concepts throughout the design process.  


Many of our customers choose a certain gemstone before settling on the exact design. Others bring us treasured heirlooms seeking inspiration and delicacy in their restoration or adjustments. No matter what your specific needs are, first time customers are often surprised at the level of detail and personal attention we provide.


Our jeweler will work with you to create a professional sketch to capture a definitive image of the creation. Once the sketch is finalized, the hard part is over and you can leave the rest to us.


Contact us to set an appointment or to inquire about the design process. We will provide an estimate, secure a deposit, and immediately begin working on your custom piece. Our goal is to combine your ideas with our experience to create something you will treasure for a lifetime!


The Design Process

Step 1 - Initial Meeting for Sketch

We begin the custom jewelry design process by listening to our clients and working together to capture the vision and create a sketch of the desired piece.


Step 2 - Wax Model

With approved sketches in hand, our master craftsmen begin the delicate process of carving a wax prototype to scale. Our wax prototypes provide a reliable visual representation of what will be the actual shape of the finished piece.


Step 3 - Casting

Our perfected wax models are transformed into the actual cast we use to forge your jewelry. This is a very delicate step because creating the cast destroys the wax model. The jeweler must start over if there is any error in this process.


Step 4 - Rough Jewelry

After the cast has cooled, the custom jewelry is a rough form of the final piece. Our craftsmen use care and precision to file off jagged edges and prepare the piece to receive its precious stones.


Step 5 - Setting the Stones

The custom piece is ready to receive gems. Each precious stone is set by hand. Depending on the number of stones this may be either the shortest or longest step in the custom jewelry design process.


Step 6 – Polishing

Our craftsmen place the finishing touches on the piece as the last step in the custom jewelry design process. Once your piece is complete, our craftsmen polish it to perfection. Each custom piece is presented sparkling and ready to wear.