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Pearl Care

Pearl Care

Caring for your Pearls

The best way to help your pearls maintain their luster is to wear them regularly. Your body's natural oils aid in keeping the pearls' beauty.


1. When necessary, wipe your pearls with a damp, soft cloth. Do not use oils or other treatments.


2. Never clean your pearls with jewelry cleaner or in an ultrasonic jewelry cleaning machine! A harsh cleanser can wear away the nacre.


3. Have your pearls restrung every two to five years if worn regularly, or when the silk becomes dirty.


4. Take your pearls to a professional jeweler for cleaning prior to restringing, which will add to the beauty and long life of your pearls.


5. Keep your pearls away from hairspray, lotion and perfume. Chemicals in these products can damage the pearls.


6. Make your pearls the last item you put on when getting dressed and the first item you take off.


7. Pearls should be worn alone. If worn with other jewelry, such as a gold chain or other necklace, they may be scratched or damaged.


8. Store your pearls separately so they won't be damaged by other jewelry.