Insurance Appraisals

Jewelry is not automatically covered on most homeowner’s insurance policies and often must be listed as separately based on appraisals performed by a qualified professional. The appraisal is used as a basis for establishing a proper replacement value. It is critical that the appraisal consist of detailed and accurate information with photographs. Items valued over $500 generally require an insurance appraisal; however this figure varies according to each insurance company. We are a nationally approved jewelry appraiser for companies such as Jewelers Mutual, State Farm, Allstate and Farmers Insurance.


Regardless of actual replacement value, we understand some items are irreplaceable. Even if your jewelry is not insured, having an appraisal is crucial to police recovery of lost or stolen items. It is important to have an accurate written description, photos, and proper documentation. If the stolen diamond ring you inherited from your grandmother was found in a pawn shop, having an appraisal with photos and detailed description can be the key to recovery.


Our Appraisal Service

We offer fine jewelry appraisals that include a full description and picture. Diamonds and gemstones are carefully measured and evaluated on-site. Depending on the complexity and number of items, we may need to keep your jewelry to adequately document a thorough report.

Updating Your Appraisals

Most insurance companies recommend that you have your appraisal reports updated every two or three years. Please keep in mind you should have items with large gemstones (especially diamonds) updated more often than a gemstone free item.

Costs of Appraisals

Our fees are relative to the amount of time required to appraise. Generally we charge $65.00 for the first item and $45.00 for each additional item. Our price is variable depending on the detail of the item. Estimates on detailed items will be quoted in person. If you have an estate of many items, or more than 3 pieces pleasecontact us for a price quote.


Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company

Jewelers Mutual was founded by jewelers in 1913 and remains the leading insurer for the jewelry industry. Jewelers Mutual provides coverage for personal jewelry for residents throughout the U.S. They are licensed in all 50 states and in Canada.